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Your daily dose of Kids Incorporated cheer!

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Name:Kids Inc Daily
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Community description:A daily picture and video community for Kids Incorporated

Everybody, look around, here the sound
something special's gonna come your way...

Do you remember Kids Incorporated? Do you love 80s-flavor nostalgia? Then this is the place for you!

We've set up this community to deliver your daily dose of Kids Incorporated cheer. Each day, a new picture or video relating to the show will be posted, something that will hopefully bring a smile to your face and a song to your heart! =)

Submissions and/or requests are welcome. So are affiliates. Have something you want to share? Let the mod know, and it will be placed in the queue!

The rules are simple:

[+] The mod will make a post each day with a picture or video clip. These will either be from the show itself, or former cast members' post-series projects.

[+] Discussion is welcome and encouraged! Does the pic or vid stir memories? Or do the cast members just look goofy? Don't be afraid to give us your opinion! =)

[+] DO NOT HOTLINK, PLEASE. If you want an image posted to this community, please either visit the source (preferable) or save the capture to your own harddrive first.

[+] Spam, trolling, and wank will not be tolerated. If I see it, I delete it - and you. This is your only warning.

Sources & Affiliates

All images and video are taken from public sources on the internet. When available, the source of the material will be noted in the post. If you are the original owner of the material and you want me to take it down, all you have to do is ask :)

Aris's Kids Incorporated website
Kids Incorporated on YouTube
Denise's Kids Incorporated Fanpage
Kill Moi
The P@lace
The Ultimate Haylie and Ashley Johnson Fansite

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[ profile] smallfandombang
[ profile] 80srewind

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